The Limited Apparel Equestrian

Over the last few days I've been poking around on the internet looking for new things to buy for the upcoming IHSA show season. My breeches could use an update, and I'm coveting show shirts with cool fabrics lining the collar and cuffs.

Then I had a thought; menswear.

I guess because I've never had to shop for it, I had never thought about it. To me all the styles seemed the same. With men it's usually a buy one in every color then buy the same one when those get old, type of deal. I hadn't given much thought to what is trending "on the other side of the arena" if you will.

Unfortunately, a sufficient amount of digging has lead me to come up empty. It's all red coat, blue coat, white shirt, white tie, repeat. It's not that female riders appear all that different in the show arena, it's just that there are more subtle options available to them. The pattered fabric collar show shirts I'm lusting after, don't seem to have a male equivalent. Maybe the thing equestrian menswear is missing is flair. We have our rhinestone belt buckles and our breeches and show shirts that come in endless colors and styles, and men have...uh...cool ties.

Pictures from this weeks Masters Tournament show just how little variation there is in male show apparel. Clearly navy jackets and white breeches were what most riders opted for.

Hunt Tosh at the innagural Pre-Green Incentive Championship

However, Italian company Animo seems to be shedding some light on this dark abyss that is equestrian menswear. Jackets have a bespoke tailoring feel and feature contrasting piping and zipper hardware. 

The Animo "ILoveYou" Jacket

Seen here on last year's Spruce Meadows Masters Tournament winner Olivier Philippaerts

While women may use accessories and different shirt and jacket color combinations to show off their own personal styles in the show arena, men seem perfectly content with sticking to the basics. 


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