The Styled Equestrian

Any equestrian girl can attest to the ongoing trials and errors it takes to find the perfect shirt. Something that hugs and gives in all the right places and is confortable even in warmer temperatures. The perfect shirt can translate from dressy to casual, and goes well with breeches and a pair of jeans.

I believe that Alp-n-Rock has achieved the perfect shirt for the equestrian body type. They offer several beautiful silhouettes, each one softer than the next.

Their polos are light weight and perfect for rides in warmer weather. Even though they are a fitted top, there is plenty of stretch for jumping while still maintaining a flattering hunter/jumper appearance. Wear your discipline proudly on the back of these well tailored polos with pops of intricate colored stitching.

Jumper Cuff Polo - Navy

*bag available HERE

As someone with long arms, I can't tell you how much I love a nice 3/4 length shirt. They have a way of transforming my arms from gangly noodles to elegant limbs. With a "not too low" v-neck, the Alp-n-Rock Henley creates a structured yet casual top that can easily transition from the barn to brunch. 

The Willow Creek Henley is a beautiful mix of light blue and vibrant green with bit applique and Alp-n-Rock logo embroidery on the sleeves and tasteful buttons down the neck-line. 

The Unbridled Love Henley features the same vibrant green seen in the Willow Creek henley and the same lovely neck line. On the back of the shirt the words "unbridled love" frame a unique horse head applique. I styled this shirt by tucking in the front, but along the waistline are the words “Cum eo pacem invenio,” which means "Together we ride in harmony."

I mentioned I am a fan of 3/4 length, but I'm probably an even bigger proponent of the classic button down, and the Alp-n-Rock 2 Pockets have both! 

The Horseshoe 2 Pocket is a comfy button down with a paisley pop! This ain't your boyfriend's button down! You won't sacrifice comfort for style, as this loose fit top is tapered in at the waist to show off your figure. This sophisticated shirt can easily be incorporated into a casual work wardrobe or for a unique look at the show grounds. 

The Hunter 2 Pocket is a classic crisp white that makes the vibrant geometric print cuffs and lined collar stand out against my barn-tanned arms! 

Living in California, I have the advantage of not having to wear a jacket to the barn for a large portion of the year. When I do need a jacket, I need something that isn't restrictive when riding, and doesn't require me sacrificing style for warmth. This Bit-Lightweight Fleece is exactly what I need for those cooler days. Alp-n-Rock embroidery on the neck and shoulder and a cute zip pocket on the back with two more pockets in the front. Great for layering before and after a day at the stables. 

All Alp-n-Rock products are machine washable, which any equestrian can tell you, is essential after spending the day around shedding, slobbering, sweaty animals. They also make 90% of their products in the USA out of American made fabrics. Alp-n-Rock also donates up to 10% of their profits to scholarships in developing countries. 

An excellent product from a company with an excellent moral code, I thoroughly enjoyed my day at the barn in Alp-n-Rock.

Thank you to my photographer Jordan LoNigro!


The Coordinating Equestrian

Back in November I did a post about my new position as the West Coast Fashion Coordinator for Style My Ride, an entertainment feature of Judge My Ride. At the beginning of June the team was back in action in Georgia to shoot the Summer 2013 editorial. A few sneak peak shots have been posted to the JMR website and instagram and more will be uploaded in the next few days.

Continue to check back at JMR for more photos from this awesome shoot!

The Cut Out Equestrian

For years and years the high-end fashion world has taken a page out of our favorite equestrian magazines. However, it seems that now, more than ever, it's the equestrian world's turn to take a page out of esteemed high-end fashion editorials.


The Behind the Scenes Equestrian

Many of you who follow this blog know of my relationship with the comfortable and chic equestrian line Tara Kiwi.

Back in May, I was fortunate enough to be asked to help style the photo shoot for the new designs that are now available on the Tara Kiwi site.

Enjoy these cute behind the scene and final product shots.

Tara is such a mulitasker! 

Final products

Team group shot!