The Instagramming Equestrian (part 2)

A while back I did a post about using instagram. Initially I was using my own personal instagram because I didn't want to deal with switching back and forth between two different accounts. However, I realized that not every instagram picture I post is horse related and therefore not a real asset to The Modern Equestrian.

This weekend I will be traveling to NJ from California to participate in the Alumni Tournament of Champions. I will also be in Connecticut to have some horsey adventures with my best friend who recently adopted a new horse.

Therefore, I figured this was a perfect time to create an instagram account for The Modern Equestrian so followers can track my east coast adventures and all the new and exciting projects I have coming up in the next few months.


***@TheModernEquestrian is NOT me. If that user follows this blog, please email me. That account hasn't been active in quite awhile and it will be easier for followers to find me with the purposeful "the."


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