The Rock 'n' Roll Equestrian

It's been a few days but I still feel like I'm suffering from separation anxiety from this year's Coachella. This was my 5th Coachella and 3rd consecutive, and I can't imagine a better way of ending my television season then 3 days in the warm sun, listening to band after band in a crowd of thousands. 

Of course it's important for me to always spread my equestrian enthusiasm wherever I go. This year I scored a "Bred in California" top from Tara Kiwi, who is currently having a sale and has a booth at the Flintridge horse show. I got my picture taken by several bloggers and even the Coachella website, but most exciting, a buyer from a big name store.

This goes to show, that in a crowd of the fashion forward, a girl with a horse t-shirt can shine pretty bright.


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