The Coordinating Equestrian

If you "Like" The Modern Equestrian on Facebook, you would have seen a post a month back about my official announcement as the West Coast Fashion Coordinator for Style My Ride, an entertainment feature of the popular Judge My Ride site.

After a few months of prep, and two sets of shoots, we are starting to release photos of our big Holiday shoot.

Get a sneak peak of some of the looks HERE.



Caitlin is wearing:
Tara Kiwi Helmet and Boot Wreath Long Sleeve (see TME review of Tara Kiwi HERE
Goode Rider Elite Rider Full Seat Breeches 
Tasha Polizzi Leg Warmers (available at Cowgirl Kim)
Tasha Polizzi Faux Fur Sagamore Coat (available at Cowgirl Kim)
Photos by official Style My Ride Photographer Kelly Vermeil


Karen W. said...

Beautiful coat! Just FYI, each link except for the tee shirt go to Goode Rider.

Isabelle said...

Good catch! Blogger was acting weird yesterday. All the links have been updated. Thank you!

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