The Awkward Equestrian

Horses are no strangers to the glamourous world of editorial photo shoots. As equestrians we like seeing our favorite 4-legged friend featured in our favorite glossy magazines. However, sometimes it's hard not to notice how awkward the models can look when posed with an animal they know nothing about.

For how majestic a creature a horse is, photographers sure like to have them standing around looking either bored or annoyed.

Awkward holding:

Awkward Riding:

Awkward posing:


Margaret said...

how much more fabulous that first one would have been if the horse was standing square with his head up & ears forward, like looking off into the distance at something very interesting...

This is why these types of fashion shots feel so awkward, the crew obviously has never done equestrian shots and don't understand when they are 'getting it wrong' ~

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