The Wardrobe Department Equestrian

This past Sunday I found myself waiting around for a phone call and not wanting to stray too far from home. I also happen to be on a saving binge and since every time I leave the house I tend to spend money, I settled for spending my afternoon scanning Netflix. That's when another type of binging began, in the form of Pretty Little Liars.

It's not a particularly well written show, and it certainly isn't anywhere near the intensity level of Breaking Bad (which continuously makes me scream at the TV), but it was something to watch and it was entertaining so I finished 22 episodes in less than 3 days. 

Anyway, after watching all of season one and tipping my toe into the waters of season 2, I've noticed that the character of Spencer Hastings has quite the equestrian inspired wardrobe. 

From obvious pieces like sweaters with bold printed horses, to dresses with equestrian flare, to tall boots and structured jackets, someone in the wardrobe department has definitely got a theme going. 

Here are some key equestrian pieces that have shown up on my favorite "Liar."

 The other ladies have their equine moments as well.


Hanna and Mona:


There's a lot of TV show wardrobe rooms I would love to raid; but between the equestrian styling of Spencer and the numerous skulls that show up on Aria, this show is easily on the top of my list.