The Olympic Equestrian

The opening ceremonies are right around the corner. Is your DVR set for those 4am jump-offs?

This is me doing my best to decipher the NBC timetable for all Equestrian events.


July 28—Dressage (Individual/Team)—1:55 AM
July 29—Dressage (Individual/Team)—1:55 AM
Aug. 2—Grand Prix (Individual/First Team Qualifier)—3:00 AM
Aug. 3—GP (Individual/First Team Qualifier)—3:00 AM 
Aug. 7—GP Special (2nd Individual Qualifier/Team Final)—2:00 AM
Aug. 9—GP Freestyle (Individual Final)—4:30 AM


July 30—Cross Country (Individual/Team)—4:30 AM
July 31—Jumping (Team Final/Individual Qualifier)— 2:30 AM


Aug. 4—First Qualifier—2:30 AM
Aug. 5—Second Individual Qualifier/First Team Round—3:00 AM
Aug. 6—Third Individual Qualifier/Team Final—6:00 AM
Aug. 8—Individual Round B (Final)—4:00 AM