The Helmet Cam Equestrian Pt 2

The other day my co-worker and friend Connor so eloquently told me "Hey why don't you update your blog!"

So I present to you a second round of helmet cam spectacular.

This camera has been really handy for re-watching sticky parts of a course, and making sure I get over the middle of the fence. It's a pricey little gadget but well worth the investment, and everyone at the barn is itching to borrow it.

Before the above ride, I fell off. More like a terrible dismount when I got stuck on the neck and had nowhere to go. After re-walking the striding we discovered that the fences were set at 3 1/2 strides. Luckily the camera was ok, and I purchased a Tipperary vest the following week.

Don't forget to watch in HD! 


The Fullers said...

very slow motion and graceful fall! :)

the helmet cam is so cool to watch .. good to know it's been a good investment for ya and helped with your rides :)

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