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In all the years that I've been blogging, I have never once thought about meeting up with another blogger to talk shop, and of course talk horses.

A few weeks ago on the Modern Equestrian facebook I posted a picture of a t-shirt I liked from a website called Tara Kiwi. I loved how all her shirts had been styled for casual outings and business meetings, not just the barn and the show ring.

Not long after posting that photo I was contacted by Tara herself to see if I was up for a little meet and greet, seeing as that we lived in the same city, and shared a common love of horses and fashion.

So this past Sunday, on a foggy Los Angeles morning, The Modern Equestrian took a business meeting.

The shirts were fabulous. Getting to see and feel them in person was a real bonus. Each shirt, printed by the company Grocery, is 100% organic cotton and comes in three different cuts and styles. The Urban tee which is long and loose, the swoop neck tee which is more fitted, and the scoop tank, a sleeveless sleek tank. At breakfast Tara was wearing her Points of the Horse swoop neck tee, which on her was feminine and chic, the exact opposite of those unflattering American Apparel v-necks so many people choose to print on.

Of course I had to have one of my own, and picked out the one that had connected us in the first place, the Horseshoe Sleeves in the Urban tee cut. When I got home I immediately tried it on and it fit fabulously. I like my shirts a little loose, but I don't want to be shapeless, and this cut was exactly what I love.

A few days after our meeting I wore my Tara Kiwi shirt for the first time at work. Not only was it easy to slide into my business casual wardrobe, I was getting compliments on it all day from both horse and non-horse people alike. Often times I shy away from equestrian clothing items because the equestrian image is too overbearing. Instead of being chic, it comes across as juvenile and certainly not work appropriate, but this is certainly not the case with Tara's tees.

Meeting with Tara was a great experience. Not only did it give me a chance to chat with another horse enthusiast, it got me thinking about expanding the reach of The Modern Equestrian by forming relationships with people whose blogs, products, and style I admire.

Check out Tara's entire collection HERE, new styles and colors being added soon.

                   The complete Tara Kiwi collection

Leather Stripes
Leather Tripes Swoop Tank

The Modern Equestrian hard at work in the Horseshoe Sleeve Urban tee


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