The Sleepy Equestrian

What horse-loving kid wouldn't want to sleep in these beds?!

Pony Beds are every budding equestrian's dream! Colorful and unique the company boasts it's "the next best thing to sleeping in the barn." Each bed (except the Vaquero) has three 4"X6" photo holders and room for two ribbons. 

The Wellington

The Indio

The Vaquero 

Pony Beds also sells adorable equestrian themed room accessories. I am in love with their Ribbon Nightstand. Such a creative and stylish way to display ribbons without them taking up space. 

Ribbon Nightstand 

When you need extra storage there's the Oxer Box. Just like your favorite jump at the barn, without all the sand and cobwebs!

Oxer Box 

Beds come in sizes twin - king. See more styles on their website www.ponybeds.com.


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