The Jousting Equestrian

It's probably a sport you've only seen in a themed restaurant, at a fair, or most likely on tv or in movies. Tonight, jousting is back.

Full Metal Jousting is a competition show between 16 horsemen, all eager to participate in the popular medieval sport for a king-sized prize.

The riders comes from various equestrian backgrounds. Most of them are the head knights at Medieval Times  like Josh Avery and Joshua Knowles. But then there are riders like James Faircloud, a 25 year old jumping prodigy who is currently training for the Olympic Trials and Tom Contant who comes from a family of polo players. With updated armor and set of strict competition rules, these rodeo riders, horse trainers, and knights, are about to go head to head or rather horse to horse, in one of the world's most intense collision sports.

Need to brush up on the rules before you watch tonight's pilot episode?

Rider bios HERE

Full Metal Jousting premiers tonight on the History Channel at 10/9 central.


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