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The Modern Equestrian


The Coordinating Equestrian

If you "Like" The Modern Equestrian on Facebook, you would have seen a post a month back about my official announcement as the West Coast Fashion Coordinator for Style My Ride, an entertainment feature of the popular Judge My Ride site.

After a few months of prep, and two sets of shoots, we are starting to release photos of our big Holiday shoot.

Get a sneak peak of some of the looks HERE.



Caitlin is wearing:
Tara Kiwi Helmet and Boot Wreath Long Sleeve (see TME review of Tara Kiwi HERE
Goode Rider Elite Rider Full Seat Breeches 
Tasha Polizzi Leg Warmers (available at Cowgirl Kim)
Tasha Polizzi Faux Fur Sagamore Coat (available at Cowgirl Kim)
Photos by official Style My Ride Photographer Kelly Vermeil


The Modern Obsession

This rocking horse by Marc Newson may not have a price tag or a release date yet, but boy would I love to see it in person.



The Awkward Equestrian

Horses are no strangers to the glamourous world of editorial photo shoots. As equestrians we like seeing our favorite 4-legged friend featured in our favorite glossy magazines. However, sometimes it's hard not to notice how awkward the models can look when posed with an animal they know nothing about.

For how majestic a creature a horse is, photographers sure like to have them standing around looking either bored or annoyed.

Awkward holding:

Awkward Riding:

Awkward posing:


The "Target" Equestrian

Yesterday, after hearing all the hype about the new "Shops" at Target, and being waaaay overdue for my monthly trip there for eye make-up remover pads and denture cleaner (for my invisalign), I headed over to the Glendale galleria to see what all the fuss was about.

All the equestrian pieces came from Target's new "Threshold" line. Which I heard is supposed to be replacing the "Target Home" line.

While, the pieces gave me a ton of inspiration for the next time I want to re-decorate my apartment, as an equestrian I found the items very so so. 

Everything was cute, but it was either cheap looking or unoriginal. All the leather is fake, which would be fine if it didn't look and feel so flimsy. I did enjoy the bottles with the logos on them, but I mainly like the idea more than the product itself. The framed ribbons were cheesy. I have enough ribbons stuffed into boxes that I could frame, without having to buy ones that have no sentimental value or significance.  I did, however, like all the plaid and hound tooth prints, which gave everything a traditional equestrian feel. Overall, I just wasn't excited enough to buy anything. 

However, if you aren't an equestrian but wanted to get that instant equestrian-feel to your home, this is a good starting place. All the items are linked either by color or style, and are no-nonsense ready to be placed around your home. Think of the Threshold line as the equestrian home starter kit for non-equestrians, and as an inspiration for those already years into the sport. 


The Printed Equestrian

A motto of mine is and always has been that "equestrian fashion never goes out of style." However, each season designers seem to pick and choose what equestrian element they're going to highlight. One year it was boots, the next it was jodhpurs, and most recently it's been prints.

Designers have taken the equestrian motif quite literally as horse print blouses seem to be everywhere you look.

Zara Printed Shirt with Gold Buttons

The "Tumbling" Equestrian

The Modern Equestrian has added yet another social media forum to its ever growing collection:

Introducing The Modern Equestrian Tumblr

Check it out!!!


The Wardrobe Department Equestrian

This past Sunday I found myself waiting around for a phone call and not wanting to stray too far from home. I also happen to be on a saving binge and since every time I leave the house I tend to spend money, I settled for spending my afternoon scanning Netflix. That's when another type of binging began, in the form of Pretty Little Liars.

It's not a particularly well written show, and it certainly isn't anywhere near the intensity level of Breaking Bad (which continuously makes me scream at the TV), but it was something to watch and it was entertaining so I finished 22 episodes in less than 3 days. 

Anyway, after watching all of season one and tipping my toe into the waters of season 2, I've noticed that the character of Spencer Hastings has quite the equestrian inspired wardrobe. 

From obvious pieces like sweaters with bold printed horses, to dresses with equestrian flare, to tall boots and structured jackets, someone in the wardrobe department has definitely got a theme going. 

Here are some key equestrian pieces that have shown up on my favorite "Liar."

 The other ladies have their equine moments as well.


Hanna and Mona:


There's a lot of TV show wardrobe rooms I would love to raid; but between the equestrian styling of Spencer and the numerous skulls that show up on Aria, this show is easily on the top of my list.