The Freezing Equestrian

Working in the television industry and actually being from California is somewhat of a rarity. There are 4 Californians in my whole office and only myself and one other co-worker originally from Los Angeles County. So what I call "weather" isn't exactly what the office PA from upstate New York or our best boy grip from Michigan call "weather." Nevertheless, now that it's December and the temperatures are starting to drop, I'm always cold. In my office, on our stage, in my bedroom, there is no escape from the sharp jabs of icy air. 

When asked what I wanted for Christmas all I could think of was WARM THINGS! Jackets, mittens, and scarves! Layer me till I look ridiculous, I just want to be WARM! 

So of course I started feverishly searching for jackets with an equestrian flair that I could present to my family as potential Christmas gifts. In true Modern Equestrian form, they are as chic as they are expensive, but it's Christmas and maybe I'm due for a miracle. 

Dubarry Bracken Utility Jacket  - $549

*I do not support the use of fur in this jacket. I love the look, not the execution. 


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