The Devastated Equestrian

Why Obama would sign a law that promotes theft of horses and the torture and slaughtering of these beautiful creatures is beyond me. ESPECIALLY since he made a campaign PROMISE to ban the export of horses for human consumption. 

This is an article on the website Animal Law Coalition. Towards the end of the article there are links you can click to write to your US representatives and State Senators. 

" Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have now approved the Conference Committee report on H.R. 2112, the bill that, in part, determines agriculture appropriations for FY 2012. President Barack Obama immediately signed the measure, making commercial horse slaughter legal once again in the U.S.
Conference Committee Chair Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI), Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), and Sen. Roy  Blunt (R-MO) voted to reject de-funding of inspections for equines for slaughter for human consumption. Only Rep. Sam Farr (D-CA) voted to support continued de-funding of the inspections.
Without de-funding or prohibition of the inspections, commercial horse slaughter for human consumption is legal in the U.S.
Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) introduced the amendment to the House version of the bill that would have continued the de-funding of inspections for equines sent to slaughter for human consumption. Without the inspections which have been de-funded or prohibited since 2006, commercial horse slaughter has been illegal and would have remained so with the Moran amendment. But the Senate version did not include such an amendment, and the conference committee and, in particular, the chair persons, appointed to resolve differences between the House and Senate version, rejected de-funding.
President Obama, who has since his election turned a deaf ear to virtually every effort to stop animal cruelty, wasted no time in signing the measure. This despite his campaign promise in 2008 to support an end altogether to equine slaughter for human consumption.
Go here to find your 2 U.S. senators.
Go here to find your U.S. representative.
Call or fax them now and urge them to vote NO on H.R. 2112 as amended by the Conference Committee report on agriculture appropriations for FY 2012, unless a provision is added to de-fund inspections for equines for slaughter for human consumption. 
That is all you need to say! Or you can use talking points which you can findhere.
You can also reach your rep and senators by simply phoning the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or (202) 225-2771. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Representative or Senator's office you request.


The Opinionated Equestrian

Everyday I do a search for "equestrian" in the news. Most of the results are in regards to celebrities selling "equestrian" properties, and various other stories ranging from closures of riding centers, to reports of riders who were injured while in the arena or out on the trail. 

Today I saw a unique headline that immediately caught my eye. 

"Hot to trot: Saucy horse-riding students strip down to their riding boots for charity calendar (and become mascots for touring soldiers in the process)."

The article is about riders from Leed University's Equestrian Society, who made a calendar in which they wear nothing but black lace underwear and their tall riding boots, in order to raise money for the Otley and District Riding for the Disabled Charity. 

After the photos for the calendar popped up online, the team started getting messages from soldiers from Company A, Fifth Battalion The Rifles, who are currently touring in Afghanistan. The riders had become the company's official mascots. The girls, of course, were honored and sent the company signed calendars and promises to keep in touch. 

Stripping down for a good cause is nothing new. Plenty of celebrities, including Eva Mendes, Khloe Kardashian, Madonna, Amanda Beard, and Steve-O have all posed nude for PETA's "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaign. (Link NSFW) 

Personally, I think this group of equestrians has the right idea. After the initial shock of seeing tons of bare bottoms, I got over the whole nude aspect of these images and saw them for what they really were; a way for college girls to use their readily available resources in order to do something great for a local charity. If all it takes is a little side-boob to raise the money to fund practices such as therapeutic riding, then I'm all for it. I bet the soldiers aren't complaining either.

Does combining almost nude girls with the traditional sport of horseback riding disturb you or intrigue you? 


The Pinning Equestrian

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The Digital Equestrian

My friend sent me this video a couple weeks ago. It epitomizes any conversation I've ever had with someone who has no general knowledge of horseback riding. I'm sure all equestrians can relate.



Hickstead 1996-2011


The Design Savvy Equestrian

My love for all things equestrian covers a lot of mediums. Fashion design, photography, movies, artwork, etc, etc. Recently I have began thinking about how I could use my artistic eye, and the eye of my interior designer mom, to give my home an equestrian feel.

It all started with this bookshelf I found on Pinterest, which if you haven't discovered yet, is a great source for inspiration for just about anything you're interested in.

Hermes bag, check. Ribbons, check. Cool old box, check.

The image of this book shelf has been re-pinned the most out of all my pins. I love it for multiple reasons. I love the color of grey they chose. It may not exactly skew equestrian, but it lets the colors of all the different objects pop. I've already started gathering together different equestrian pieces that I could use to re-create this bookshelf.

Different angle. 

I thought I could spread the inspiration by sharing images both from my Pinterest board and a few other places. 

I'm currently working on getting a Pinterest account for The Modern Equestrian, but you can check out my personal Pinterest here.

Plenty of seats. 

Love how the orange brightens the dark color of the wood. 

Perfect color combo.

This wallpaper is incredible. Adore the ribbons on the inside of the closet. 

Very sleek and open feeling. 

Different view. The trophy shelf is great for displaying things without overcrowding the walls.