The Unique Equestrian

This past weekend I attended an event in LA called Unique LA. It's a independent design show that holds several events throughout the year where Los Angeles and other California based artists, fashion designers, jewelers, and chefs, can come together under one roof and sell their goods.

I gathered up numerous goodies, including a cool t-shirt from sub_urban riot, a print from Urban Octopus, and a pair of glasses from Replay Vintage.

I was able to spot a few cool equestrian items as well.

I purchased several of these cards from Michelle Caplan.

I wanted so desperately to buy the original collage to hang in my room, but it was just a tad out of my price range.

Yummy leather reins from MacPherson Custom Leather.

Pink Cowboys Business, Credit & ID Card Holder from 11:11.

Cute unicorn items from Unicorn Crafts.

The best part is, is that Unique LA will host another event closer to Christmas so you can purchase all your unique gifts just in time! Between Etsy and Unique LA my shopping list will be all taken care of.


unicorn crafts said...

thanks for including Unicorn Crafts in your post. Looking forward to seeing you this holiday season!

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