The Traveling Equestrian

This is post is waaaayy overdue, but better late than never. Over my hiatus I went to New York to spend time with my good friend Ally and then to Chicago to take a mini vacation since I'd never been before. Between eating pizza (of both the deep dish and thin crust varieties) and taking in the sites, I managed to snap a few pictures of equestrian images that caught my eye.

Ally's Fridge

The historic White Horse Tavern right down the street

Castor & Pollux

Cute pocket mirror

Reading material on the train to Connecticut

Ribbons in Ally's room in CT

Lion Hill Farm....

....was having a McLain Ward Clinic

Ally's Barn

Sasha loves carrots

A few days after getting back from New York, I turned right around and hopped on a flight to Chicago.

Horse Exhibit at the Field Museum

No cameras past this point :(

The Horse Exhibit at the Field was amazing. It had numerous types of equipment and all kinds of information about horses. You could measure yourself in hands and watch videos of different styles of riding around the world. It was a great exhibit and I highly recommend it.

I loved that there were so many inspiring things in these three places. I was overwhelmed by how prominent the horse image was in New York windows, restaurants, and parks. I was opened up to a new world when I visited Connecticut, with its beautiful fields of bright green grass and classic barns. Lastly, I was happy to have noticed the banners for the Horse Exhibit on the streets of Chicago, which lead to me a spontaneous equestrian adventure.

Overall an inspirational and relaxing break.


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