The Penny Pinching Equestrian

Equestrian style is always in fashion. Tall boots and tailored jackets seem to grace the pages of any and every magazine each and every year. Just like the sport itself, equestrian fashion does not come cheap. You're not likely to find a pair of buttery leather boots in the bargain bin, or a Hermès scarf on closeout.

However, searching the websites of some of my favorite online shopping places produced an abundance of chic items that won't break the bank.

Echo 'Status - Bits' Triangular Scarf $28

Equestrian Afternoon Shirt $39.99

Saffiano leather skinny belt $24.50

Trouvé Ponte Knit Leggings $54

Ecote Equestrian Ankle Boot $50

Hive & Honey Velvet Trim Riding Jacket $69

Horse Detail Across Body Bag $34.48

You could purchase this entire outfit for the price you would pay for a pair of the cheapest available Ariat Field Boots.


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