The Festive Equestrian

Summer is the season of parties. There's birthday parties, 4th of July parties, television viewing parties, Labor day parties, Emmy parties, you name it. Between the warm weather and the numerous weekday vacations, summer is the best time to throw your equestrian themed soirée.

The inspiration for this post came to me the other day while reading an entry on Martha Stewart's blog. Martha is an avid equestrian herself, and often posts about her friesian horses and equestrian items that catch her eye.

She posted a blog entry about an equestrian themed Bat Mitzvah she had attended in early May for a friend's daughter. The decorations were extravagant and extremely detail oriented. They were classy while still being youthful and appropriate for the occasion. However, it is clear that this event sets a bar most party throwers can only dream of reaching.

Horses borrowed from Bergdorf Goodman

Party favors

Green glitter wallpaper

Trophies made of natural materials

Jumps with green glitter stripes

I believe the success of this party comes from the dedication to the theme of glittery green equestrian. You don't have to have hay bales and apple bobbing to give a party an equestrian feel. All you need is strong idea that reminds you of horses, not necessarily puts you in the barn with them.

For me, the hard part of throwing a party is sticking with the theme I've chosen. So I spent the last two days collecting images based on my theme and I think I did a pretty good job.

My equestrian themed party would have a rustic barnyard feel, and all the decorations and details would be things you would find around the barn. If I had to throw a party next week, these are the items I would want to include:


Horse cookies for both humans and horses

Mason jars for a rustic feel

Ribbon decoration

White lights strung throughout the barn

I like this particular theme because it includes all kinds of equestrian imagery while having a subtle feminine feel.


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