The Eclectic Equestrian

On a family vacation when I was 16, my parents offered me the opportunity to get a tattoo. My brother had gotten his tattoo at 16, and it was somewhat a right of passage that I get one as well. (My mother also has a tattoo, although she got hers much later in life).

I opted for a seahorse because I felt that it combined my love of horses with my astrological sign of Pisces. Now, 7 years later I still love my tattoo, and it's become such a part of me that I sometimes forget that it's even there (It's small and sits slightly above my right hip).

For some people the idea of permanently putting something on their body is absolutely terrifying. I admit that after getting my tattoo I had somewhat of an anxiety attack about never being able to see that part of my body again, but that feeling didn't last long. While I don't think I'll ever be the type to cover my arms in permanent artwork, I understand the overwhelming desire to put something on your body so that you can carry it with you throughout your entire life.

Here are a few equine inspired tattoos that impressed me with their detail and creative nature:


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