The Etsy-tastic Equestrian

For those who have never met my family or me, it's always a bit of a shock to people how despite our modern exterior, we are a big fans of skulls and skeletons. From the various artwork in my parents house, to the glass skull I use to hold bobby pins in my bathroom, skeletons have never been taboo in our home.

For this Etsy-tastic I chose items that combined my love for both skeletons and equines.

The Hungry Horse

Equus Caballus (Horse) Skull Cameo Plaque

Victorian Cards and Envelopes Skeletons (This is a re-post, originally seen HERE.)

Red Horse



The Modern Equestrian

Just for fun, a picture of me circa 1997.

The Eclectic Equestrian

On a family vacation when I was 16, my parents offered me the opportunity to get a tattoo. My brother had gotten his tattoo at 16, and it was somewhat a right of passage that I get one as well. (My mother also has a tattoo, although she got hers much later in life).

I opted for a seahorse because I felt that it combined my love of horses with my astrological sign of Pisces. Now, 7 years later I still love my tattoo, and it's become such a part of me that I sometimes forget that it's even there (It's small and sits slightly above my right hip).

For some people the idea of permanently putting something on their body is absolutely terrifying. I admit that after getting my tattoo I had somewhat of an anxiety attack about never being able to see that part of my body again, but that feeling didn't last long. While I don't think I'll ever be the type to cover my arms in permanent artwork, I understand the overwhelming desire to put something on your body so that you can carry it with you throughout your entire life.

Here are a few equine inspired tattoos that impressed me with their detail and creative nature:


The Collegiate Equestrian

For anyone who is about to begin the college application process, USEF has this handy list of schools that offer equestrian teams. As someone who competed in the IHSA in college, I highly recommend looking into a school that has a competing equestrian team. It was a great way to meet other people at my school and other schools, as well as a great way to continue competing while attending school full time.

Some examples of college equestrian facilities:

Stanford Red Barn

Bridgewater College Equestrian Center

Goucher College Jumping Arena

The Etsy-tastic Equestrian

The best thing about re-usable bags is that you can use them at every and any establishment, not just the market! Taking out lunch? Bring a re-usable bag. Going to the office supply store? Bring a re-usable bag.

What's better than using your re-usable bag? Using a re-usable bag that's been made out of another bag. These totes and bags are made from repurposed feed bags and are great to bring anywhere, from the the tack shop to the flea market.

Repurposed HORSE Feed Zipper Pouch

Repurposed Horse Feed Market Bag/Tote

Recycled Horse Feed Bag Messenger Tote

Recycled Horse Feed Tote : White

Recycled Horse Feed Bag Tote : Lavender


The Modern Obsession

This past winter I saw a lot of people hitting the slopes with helmet cameras. Now it seems that helmet cameras are appearing everywhere, from motorcross to hangliding to surfing, and now in the show jumping arena. The camera that seems to be the most popular is the GoPro HD Helmet Hero. The Hero can record up to 2.5 hours on a single charge and can fit 9 hours of footage on a single 32GB card. Additionally "this digital action sports helmet cam also shoots 5MP still photographs at 2/5/10/30 or 60 second intervals. Press the shutter button once and record up to 2.5 hours of poster-print quality POV photos of you and your friends’ most memorable moments."

The HD Helmet Hero costs $299.99 and is available at the GoPro website as well as Amazon.com.