The Equestrian Bride

My best friend recently got engaged. While they've already planned on setting a date for next spring, they still are trying to get their bearings on theme and location. Despite the fact that a wedding is no where in the future for me, I imagine that when the time comes, finding a theme will be my most difficult task. I would assume that anyone who knows me, would imagine that horses would play some roll.

So for this blog post, I did some research on Equestrian Themed Weddings and details.

Equestrian Themed Wedding: {A Palette of Peach & Shades of Brown}

An Equestrian Wedding Celebrated in and around Ch√Ęteau La Verrerie, France

Maine Farm Wedding

Ribbon Place Cards

Vintage Equestrian Wedding Invitations

From Etsy

The Original Petite Chalk Board Horses

I always liked the idea of naming the tables after different breeds.

Chic Ring Pillow with Good Luck Horse Shoe Brooch

Some Inspiring Images.


Copy Cat Chic said...

Where was all of this inspiration when I got married? Of course my husband would have killed me if I suggested an equestrian themed wedding. Being surrounded by equestrian decor is more than enough for him ;) lol

Kaylyn said...

While her wedding wasn't equestrian themed, my trainer wore her custom pink tall boots with her lucky boot socks to get married in. Knowing her, it doesn't surprise me, but it still cracks me up whenever she tells the story.

Chelsea Hover said...

I do the social media for a resort opening in Middleburg VA (Horse Country) in August. Some of the ideas our wedding planners for equestrian weddings are out of the world! I can't wait to share photos with you all. http://www.salamanderresort.com/weddings/

stevenjared0853 said...

Bride looks truly adorable and her gown is equally very pretty. Blessings to newlywed couple! At one of destination San Francisco wedding venues my cousin got married. She had a royal themed wedding. Everything was truly fabulous in her party.

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