The Modern Obsession

After finally cleaning up the mess that is the Modern Equestrian photo folder on my desktop, I decided that it was time to upgrade my Apple assigned desktop background. My ideal image: a show jumping image from before the 1970s.

What I found was even more ideal.

Show Jumping Nostalgia is a blog dedicated to past show jumping riders.

Some images that particularly caught my eye:

Even cooler were these early shots of the Hunter God himself, George Morris.

Take some time to watch some of the videos on the site, it's incredible how little the sport has changed.

The Modern Bookshelf

A few days ago New York City's Department of Parks and Recreation announced that they are accepting proposals to open a horseback riding program in Central Park. The city hasn't had horses in Central Park since Claremont Riding academy, which had operated in Manhattan for 115 years, closed down in April 2007. The stable provided riding lessons in both jumping and dressage, and leased out trail horses to advanced riders to take into Central Park.

*If your looking to have your heartstrings pulled, read the devastating letter on the Claremont Riding Academy's website about the end of their time in New York.*

Some images from Claremont Academy while still in operation:

Hearing about the reinstating of horseback riding in Central Park (not to mention that I'm currently in the city myself), made me think of Michael Korda's "Horse People: Scenes from the Riding Life."

From Amazon:
"Beginning with his youth, and following with his reconnection to the horse world when he takes his son to lessons, Korda relates how horses changed his life: he met his current wife, Margaret, at New York City's Claremont Riding Academy, and eventually they purchased a home in Dutchess County with grounds to accommodate a growing number of horses. In one hilarious episode, Korda, the editor-in-chief at Simon & Schuster, visits an author in Middleburg, Va., and finds himself, unprepared, on a foxhunting horse jumping over walls and into backyards."

The book covers the highs and lows of horseback riding, and investigates the different settings people own and enjoy horses. Highly recommend for your modern bookshelf.


The Equestrian Bride

My best friend recently got engaged. While they've already planned on setting a date for next spring, they still are trying to get their bearings on theme and location. Despite the fact that a wedding is no where in the future for me, I imagine that when the time comes, finding a theme will be my most difficult task. I would assume that anyone who knows me, would imagine that horses would play some roll.

So for this blog post, I did some research on Equestrian Themed Weddings and details.

Equestrian Themed Wedding: {A Palette of Peach & Shades of Brown}

An Equestrian Wedding Celebrated in and around Ch√Ęteau La Verrerie, France

Maine Farm Wedding

Ribbon Place Cards

Vintage Equestrian Wedding Invitations

From Etsy

The Original Petite Chalk Board Horses

I always liked the idea of naming the tables after different breeds.

Chic Ring Pillow with Good Luck Horse Shoe Brooch

Some Inspiring Images.