The Modern Riding Boot

Way back in 2008, equestrians got a peek at the Nike Ippeas. However, I'm pretty sure no one (in the US at least) wears them, owns them, or has even seen them in person (Practical Horseman wrote that the boots were only available to Olympic Athletes). While some people thought they were a little strange, I was in love with the zipper that went across the front of the boot and the idea of the screw in spur. Imagine having spurs like you have drill heads, all shapes, sizes, and without the hassle of leather straps.

Alas, I've pretty much given up on any hope of seeing a pair of Nike Ippeas for sale at my local tack shop.

However, while browsing Equestrian Collections yesterday, I saw this ad in my upper right corner for the new Ariat Volant. The resemblance to the Nike Ippeas is relatively similar; across the front zipper, with contrasting red and black coloring.

I have to admit I'm not a fan of the Ariat Volant, and usually I love Ariat's products. I am especially not a fan of the $499 price tag for a boot I won't be able to show in. The bottom detail has this sort of Spiderman look, which makes it look more like a glorified climbing boot than a sleek riding boot.

There are some pros to this boot. I do like the red liner on the inside and the contrasting zipper and I especially like the spur cradle which offers two heights, but I just can't get past the price for a lesson boot.

Ariat Volant

Nike Ippeas


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Rolando J. Mason said...

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