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After listing my top 5 favorite horse movies to watch on a rainy day, I started thinking; What if I had the opportunity to ride a horse I had seen in a movie and which horse would I choose?

Since I couldn't decide on just one, here are some movie horses I wouldn't wait for a mounting block to jump on:

The Pie from National Velvet
There is no coincidence that my favorite rainy day film features my top choice of horses to ride. "King Charles starred as The Pie in the 1944 film National Velvet starring Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney. King Charles was a seven year old thoroughbred, a red sorrel with a white stripe on his face and white socks on all four feet...This horse was owned by a society woman and trained as a show hunter and jumper (he could jump over automobiles)...King Charles was purchased for $800 for the movie."

Get me to Liverpool, England so I can jump Beechers Brook!

Merrylegs from Black Beauty
I was unable to find any information on the horse that played Merrylegs, but I was able to find THIS youtube video of the scene where Merrylegs runs loose around the barn. (Start at 3:30) Who could resist a small sassy pony?

The Phantom from Misty Of Chincoteague

Again, I was unable to find information on the horse that played The Phantom, but I was able to find THIS youtube video of Misty of Chincoteague that displays this pony's comfy looking gallop. (Start 6:15)

Sylvester from Sylvester
The horse that portrayed Sylvester was the skilled 3-day eventer The Grey Goose. Watch The Grey Goose in action in the film HERE (start 2:44) and on the cross country course at KHP HERE. I have a big soft spot for greys.


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