The Modern Equestrian Wears Denim

When I used to work in a tack store in northern California, I was always the minority. Besides being the youngest employee, I was the only person who didn't own a western saddle and couldn't herd a cow. Additionally, while my coworkers would go around wearing Cowgirl Tuff and Wrangler, I stuck to my own (non-horse brand) jeans.

Just looking at this picture from the Cowgirl Tuff website, makes me a little on edge.

That style simply isn't for me.
Leave it to Ariat to save the day.
I don't know exactly how long Ariat has been making jeans, I just know that my old work place was very excited to be getting them in in February and that in the 3 years I worked there, I never saw a pair.

I love how they made a simple, nice looking pair of jeans. NO unnecessary flair, NO erratic designs, NO sequins (my goodness do I hate sequins)!! To top it all off, the price isn't that bad.

This pair sells on zappos for $69.99:

Oh Ariat, I love you so.


Regina said...

The waist is so high though! :)

The Modern Equestrian said...

When you try them on they're actually not too bad for a barn jean. They rest right on your hips. In that first photo you can see how far below the bellybutton they are.

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