The Modern Equestrian Accessorizes

The downside about cold weather, is that your jewelry is usually covered up by layer upon layer of clothing. The good thing about spring and summer is you get to shred those layers and reveal the beautiful accessorizes that have been hidden by those bulky winter outfits.

When my jackets have been put away, and my rain boots have been pushed to the back of my closet, the first thing I want to break out is my equestrian themed bracelets.

Here's a few I found that I would love to accessorize with.

Horse Cuff - Black

Stirrup Bangle Bracelet Horse Sterling Silver

Equestrian Ornament Stitch Leather Bracelet

Leather Stirrup Wrap Bracelet

House of Harlow 1960 Leather and Suede Buckle Cuff

Last but not least...

This killer cuff was given to me as a Christmas gift and is made from recycled saddle parts. The leather is incredibly soft and it's light and comfortable to wear. It was purchased at Unique LA from a vendor called "The Brigg Leather Company," but I've been unable to find a website or any contact info for them.


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