The Silver Screen Equestrian

I've decided I want to start a new collection of posts entitled "Horseback Riding on the Silver Screen." Whenever I'm watching a movie that has a scene where a character is horseback riding, I usually have to look away with embarrassment. Most of the time the audio is off, the actor looks like they are in fear of their life, or the equipment is inaccurate. It's generally not a pretty picture.
However, these posts will not be all bad. I intend to switch back and forth between films that do it right, and films that provide an opportune time to use the restroom and get a snack (a.k.a movies that depict horseback riding terribly terribly wrong).
Since I'm in a more critiquing mood tonight, I chose a scene from The Crush (1993) with Alicia Silverstone.

The short list of things that are wrong with this scene.
1. Alicia Silverstone's character (Adrienne) puts the saddle on from the right side.
2. Adrienne sabotages the other Cheyenne's ride by.....loosening the stirrup leathers? Then why does the saddle fall off. This shot is very unclear.
3. In between jumps Adrienne posts but when it cuts back to the jump she is mid canter.
4. When Cheyenne falls off, everyone rushes to get her up. You should never move a fallen rider until they are ready.
5. When Adrienne turns her horse to walk away from the accident, the sound affects sound like the noise a curb chain would make or some other metal item, yet I don't know where that would come from. (Yes this is kind of an anal one, but I would say poor sound effects contribute a large percentage of what is wrong with horseback riding scenes).
Did you spot something I didn't?


Regina said...

Haha, the last one was just a teensey bit anal. Also...I often put the saddle on from the right, usually out of laziness since that is the side we have to attach the girth to first. Bad Regina.

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