The Etsy-tastic Equestrian

On multiple occasions I've needed a blank card.

I am not a fan of cards that are sold in the grocery store, just because I never like what is written inside, or I find the whole thing impersonal.

Only on special cases will I send grocery store cards. (Like when I send my friend Ally ones with pictures of hamsters or guinea pigs despite what the inside of the card says. I think I might have sent her a fair few Happy Birthday Grandson, Good Luck at your New Job, and Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary cards at this point).

The other day I needed a Thank You card to give to someone who gave me a belated birthday present, and I realized I was out of blank note cards. Therefore this weeks Etsy-tastic is devoted to equestrian themed cards.

Equestrian Horse Personalized Note Cards

Horse of a Different Color (I've actually purchased a set of these before to send out to people who gave me graduation gifts).

Wild Horse Personalized Foloded Note Card

Equestrian Jumper Fine Art Note Cards

Horse Herd Note Set

Victorian Cards and Envelopes Skeletons (I absolutely love skulls and skeletons).


Kaylyn said...

I still have a birthday card I recieved years ago for one of my late single digit/early double digit birthdays.

There was a headshot of a horse stamped onto a distressed paper square, which was layered on top of other distressed cardstocks. I don't know if it was made completly out of recyclable material, but it seems to be. All the cardstock is in earth tones with different colored flecks throughout it. It's a gorgeous card, which would explain why I still have it.

The Modern Equestrian said...

I'd love to see it. Post it to The Modern Equestrian facebook if you get a chance.

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