The Modern Equestrian

Thanks to my friend Regina, I have now found a new addiction to take time away from being productive at work.

What planet have I been on that I didn't know about the Facebook page "Judge My Ride?" The info on the page says "Judge my ride is the original world wide 'global' equestrian experience! We invite you to submit your best videos for individual scoring and commentary by the top judges, riders and trainers in Equestrian sports!" It was founded by Noelle King and Robert Gage. Official Judges: Robert Gage, Carol Dean-Porter, Sharon Stewart-Wells.

You simply submit your photo or video and one of these judges will give you feedback. I was surprised how quick I got feedback of a picture of me competing at an IHSA show a few months ago.

In summary: addicting.


Regina said...

Ahem. Way to not give me credit for enlightening you! Had a blast seeing you, can't wait to see you again.


Isabelle said...

Credit should be given.....check it out ;)

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