The Modern (and very fancy) Equestrian

Of all the equestrian brands I have seen, there is really nothing that compares to Hermès. From the quality of their leather goods, to the elegant simplicity of their items, their collection is truly a fashion forward equestrian's dream.

From Wikipedia: "Fashion Model Directory dubbed the Hermès look as 'the height of luxury with a nod to the house's equestrian heritage.'"

In the past I have posted pictures of the Hermès windows in NYC and the Hermès crop that I own and never use. I also own a scarf that was given to me for my 21st birthday, but that's in a box somewhere and I'd like to iron it out before posting pictures.

Anyways, here are some horsey Hermès items that might perk your equestrian interest.

Paris a encore des chevaux/Horses are in Paris, by Sophie de Seynes. French-English. Paperback.

Grooming bag

Cleaning and maintenance milk for leather.

Polo wraps (set of 2)

Hermes comb for horses.


L. Williams said...

I <3 everything Antares :P

L.Williams said...

You need to update young lady!

Isabelle said...

ugh, my life, you should do a guest post.

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