The Modern Equestrian Christmas

Despite the fact that working in television has completely taken over my life and I hardly have time to think about horses, let alone RIDE them, that doesn't mean that I won't be putting a few equestrian items on my Christmas list this year.

However, if I lived in fantasy "I have no budget" land, this would be my horsey Christmas list.

GPA First Lady Helmet

I would obviously need this to carry it in.....

GPA® Backpack
It has a fricken whip holder!

Goode Rider Rubber Boot Wellie

SSG® 10 Below Winter Gloves

I haven't personally tried on these gloves, but when my fingers get cold at the barn they become utterly useless. These gloves seem to answer the essential questions that I would ask when buying a winter glove.

UGG® Australia Equestrian Leather Hobo

Stella McCartney Horse Print Sweatshirt
I wear ponies with pride.


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