The Modern Equestrian

I'm so excited! Yesterday my co-worker (and fellow horsey gal), bought tickets to see Cavalia in Burbank in January.

Now I just have to countdown the days.


The Modern Equestrian Photographer

While I understand that the work of David LaChapelle can be controversial and somewhat disturbing, I find his work to be a visual smörgåsbord of color, strategic composition, and social commentary. While showing a co-worker his website, I happened upon this editorial he did for I-D magazine entitled "Horse Story." Here are some of my favorite images from that particular editorial.


The Modern Equestrian Christmas

Despite the fact that working in television has completely taken over my life and I hardly have time to think about horses, let alone RIDE them, that doesn't mean that I won't be putting a few equestrian items on my Christmas list this year.

However, if I lived in fantasy "I have no budget" land, this would be my horsey Christmas list.

GPA First Lady Helmet

I would obviously need this to carry it in.....

GPA® Backpack
It has a fricken whip holder!

Goode Rider Rubber Boot Wellie

SSG® 10 Below Winter Gloves

I haven't personally tried on these gloves, but when my fingers get cold at the barn they become utterly useless. These gloves seem to answer the essential questions that I would ask when buying a winter glove.

UGG® Australia Equestrian Leather Hobo

Stella McCartney Horse Print Sweatshirt
I wear ponies with pride.

Etsy-Tastic/Etsy Obsession

I know, I know, I just did an Etsy-tastic post on necklaces, but this necklace falls under both the Etsy-tastic and Etsy obsession categories and speaks to my inner horse nerd.

Smart horses wear glasses



Wonderful NECKLACES from a wonderful website.

Sterling silver horse charm necklace

Petite Colt Horse Charm Necklace in Sterling Silver

Horse cameo locket necklace victorian brass

Let Me Adore You - vintage brass horse necklace

Silver Horse Pendant - handcrafted jewellery

Hunter Jumper Pendant with 18 inches Sterling Silver

Horse Silhouette Necklace

Three Horses