The Modern Equestrian

The Modern EQ is excited to announce that I have been offered a job working on a television show starting this Thursday. I promise to try and update despite 12 hour days, but I anticipate some lulls in posting until I get into the swing of things.



The Modern Obsession

If I had a little girl (which hopefully won't be for a very long while, but I do have an 8 month old niece), I would buy her this tutu in a heartbeat. Why? Because little girls freaking love tutus and this one is especially unique.


Where can I buy itty bitty leg warmers?


The Modern Saddle Pad

Lettia's new all purpose Tie Dye Saddle Pad, are totally in sync with the current tie dye trend sweeping through Hollywood.

For example:


The Modern Obsession

I Lurve these Epona coin purses.

Pretty Pony Beaded Coin Purse

The Modern Riding Boot PT 2

Speaking of riding boots, here's a picture of my new obsession: vintage riding boots. On the left is a pair of customized Dehners (the have a zip on the inside), that I got for a whopping $50. On the right is a pair vintage Jodhpurs short boots which I purchased for $20.

You can buy a brand new pair of Leather Jodhpur Boots in black HERE. They run about $300 US.

Anyone willing to part with their vintage riding boots? ;)

The Modern Riding Boot

Equestrian influenced fashion boots.

Dsquared2 Horse Boots

UGG® Australia 'Amberlee' Riding Boot

Hunter Women's Ascot Tall Leather Equestrian "H" Style Boot

Frye Melissa Riding Tall Boot