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Horses of history - Snowman.

Via The Show Jumping Hall of Fame

"The "Cinderella story" began in 1956. Harry deLeyer bought Snowman for $80 from a truck bound for the dogfood factory, when something about the look in the eye of the grey ex-plow horse caught his attention.

Snowman's placid disposition made him a favorite of beginning riders, but deLeyer, recognizing his talent, trained him as a jumper. Soon, Snowman was making horse show history. He was champion at The National Horse Show in 1958 and won the stake there in 1959. He was the American Horse Shows Association Horse of the Year in 1958 and 1959, and he won the Professional Horsemen's Association Championship both years as well. "

My trainer told me that she used to ride with Harry and had met Snowman after he had retired. She mentioned that she had a book about Snowman, which I promptly looked for and found on Amazon.

As an avid collector of vintage riding books, I am determined to try and get my own copy, since I know my trainer won't part with hers.

The Story of Snowman, the Cinderella Horse

Here are some photos of Snowman via Life Magazine

The famous photo of Snowman jumping another horse.


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