The Modern Equestrian

The Modern Equestrian has a dilemma.

I really love my ribbons. They greatly contribute to my room aesthetic and are a symbol of all my hard work and successes. However, in the next few months I plan on getting a new place down in LA with my boyfriend, and I don't think displaying them on the wall in our bedroom will contribute to the sophisticated and modern look I want for the room. So I'm reaching out to anyone who reads this for suggestions.

How can I display my ribbons in a sophisticated way, that wouldn't take up a lot of space?

The Modern EQ


The Anti-Modern Equestrian

I have no idea what kind of equestrian would wear Katie Price's equestrian clothing line. Maybe if you wanted to wear outfits that match the mane and tail of a my little pony, or if you thought tall socks looked better with shorts.....?

The only thing that resembles anything I might even consider wearing, would probably be this shirt, and it's only because it shows my favorite motto.

Other than that, someone should tell KP that people stopped wearing velour track suits in 2002.

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The Modern Equestrian

You can't get any more modern than a twitter inspired saddle pad.

Equine Textiles, Inc. Tweeter Graphic All Purpose Saddle Pad

The Modern Equestrian

Something about this Ovation Protege Helmet looks awfully familiar. hmm......

OH! I know....

I dunno, copycat much? However I do like their white one. It kinda has this Stormtrooper appeal, but it's also really cute.

The Eco-Friendly Equestrian

"New UltraShield® Green from Absorbine® proves that "going green" can be both highly effective and eco-safe. UltraShield® Green is a natural fly repellent that repels and controls biting flies, mosquitoes and gnats for up to 8-hours as demonstrated in an independent university study. 100% guaranteed."

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The Modern Equestrian

The fashion industry has always loved the sleek look of the equestrian in gear. However, I think these shoes are taking equine inspiration to a whole new level.... and I love it!

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The Modern Equestrian

The Modern Equestrian is back from NYC where there was beautiful 70 degree weather, to rainy California and a cancelled riding lesson (frown). However, while in New York, I gawked at the Hermes windows, and now at the pictures of their new equestrian inspired jewelry collection.

If you want to see the Jewelry, click HERE