The Artistic Equestrian

One of my passions is photography. So a few weeks ago I brought my camera to the barn and snapped a few shots.

Here were the results.


The Eco-Friendly Equestrian

Be green while cleaning some green.

Here's the perfect thing for the horse that just loves rolling in it.

"Fiebing’s Green Clean spot and stain remover contains natural ingredients including non-irritating soaps and Tea Tree Oil to effectively clean and condition your horse’s hair. It is biodegradable and environment friendly. Spray it on and wipe it off. Rinsing is not required."


The Modern Equestrian

New design from coup of etsy!

The woman who made the organic and extra comfy shirts for the UCSC equestrian team has a new design, and of course I'm in luuurve!

eco-heather equestrian CROSS COUNTRY JUMP vneck


The Peaceful Equestrian

Horses and peace, two very nice things.

Professional's Choice Overreach Boots

Peace Horse Hoodie

Lettia Embroidered Polo Wraps: Chocolate with Peace Sign

Davis Peace Splint Boots

Professional's Choice Deluxe Hay Bag



Wonderful items, from a wonderful website!

SOAP! Cause everybody's hand washing experience is better when your soap looks like a horse.

Molded Horse Head Soap

Dressage Horse and Rider Soap

Natural Galloping Horses under the Moon Soap

Castille Soap, Olive, Palm, Coconut Oils, Horse Head

Hunter/Jumper Horse and Rider Soap

Wash up!


The Eco-Friendly Equestrian

Part of being an eco-friendly equestrian is not only buying eco-friendly products and recycling paper and plastic, but recycling clothes too! If you have outgrown show clothes or have changed styles of riding The Rider's Closet is the perfect way to pass along clothes and do something charitable for organizations that put people and horses together.

"The Rider's Closet is a program started by Georgina Bloomberg in August 2006. The program aims to make riding clothes more accessible to intercollegiate riding programs, pony clubs, therapeutic riding programs and also to younger riders unable to afford them. The Rider's Closet accepts all lightly used riding clothing, and then donates monthly to intercollegiate riding programs in need, or to individual's written requests whenever received. All clothing and boots are accepted except for helmets."


The Eco-Friendly Equestrian

Got a buncha old magazines hanging around? I discovered this genius while trying to set up my boots for a photo.