The Modern Obsession

Since I spend a great deal of time at work looking through merchant catalogs, I was uber excited when we got the 2010 JPC catalog this afternoon.

Here's some of their new products that caught my eye.

TuffRider Plaid Ear Nets

Equine Couture Tote Bag

Regatta Knee Patch Breeches (I LOVE THAT THEY'RE RED, AM I ALONE ON THIS?)

Bamboo Zip Tee

Natasha Field Boot


The Modern Boot Bag

Boot bags fit for The Modern Equestrian.

TuffRider Boot Bag

Only $19.99!

Lettia Embroidered Boot Bag

Roma Newport Boot Bag

RJ Classics Tall Boot Bag



Wonderful items, from a wonderful website!

Horse Hook, Blue

Horse Small Vinyl Laptop Decal

Antique Silver Horse Necklace

Cream Colored Ponies Organic Bamboo Velour Receiving Blanket

Reusable Lunch Bag Eco Friendly EcoStuffers Sandwich Size


The Modern Equestrian

Coup, who made the team shirts for UCSC's equestrian team, has just released her new equestrian themed design. While this Modern Equestrian only does hunter/jumpers, I can definitely appreciate a cute and eco-friendly dressage themed design!


Mysterious Green Feed (Follow-up)

Back in September I wrote about Green Feed from Alltech. At that time I couldn't find any information regarding ingredients, but after some internet digging I have finally found them and more.

I learned a few interesting things, such as:

  • "Green Feed is formulated based on a horse in a light exercise or maintenance situation."

  • "The use of grain products in Green Feed is kept to a minimum to avoid competing with ingredients used in the human food chain."

  • " The bag is made of recyclable and biodegradable materials."

  • "This feed contains added levels of copper."

Read more HERE.

The Eco-Friendly Equestrian

Rain! Rain! Rain!

All weather and no ponies makes The Modern Equestrian go crazy!

However, it has allowed me to find these nifty eco-friendly hints:

"Collect rainwater for your daily chores such as watering plants"

"Try using straw instead of sawdust or shavings. Straws breaks down more quickly in the compost pile."

See more at Greenhorn Horse Facts



Wonderful things, from a wonderful website!

Tall Pouch - Horse on Floral Linen

USB - The Business End

Custom Horse Mug

Natural Cherry Wood Jumping Horse Brooch

Saddle Up Necklace