Etsy Gift Guide

Etsy has added "Equestrian Prep" as one of their gift guides. It's 6 pages of wonderful equestrian inspired clothing and items, that are great suggestions or ideas for the equestrian enthusiast in your life. Or maybe yourself ;)


Copy Cat Chic said...

How fun! I just love Etsy. :)

Hey Isabelle I'm about to buy a winter turnout blanket for my horse...can you recommend a few? What's your favorite brand? Thanks!!!

Isabelle said...

Hello Copy Cat,
Here are the things I would consider when buying a blanket.

1. Is your horse clipped?
2. Will they be primarily in a box stall/in and out/ or outside paddock?
3. Where do you live, and how cold does it get there?
4. Remember to look at the denier and whether or not the blanket is waterproof.

For a heavy blanket I would recommend:
Rider's International NorthWind Heavy Turnout Blanket. But this blanket is for significantly colder areas.

A couple good medium blankets are:
Pessoa Alpine Midweight Turnout Blanket

Orican Freestyle

Big D Sterling Medium Turnout Blanket

hope that helps!

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