If you give a horse a cookie....

..he'll probably want one that's made with natural, organic, and human-grade ingredients!

Withers & Withers Sweet Horse Treats

Highest quality organic, fair trade and food-grade ingredients infused with trigger doses of healing herbs.

Joker's Treats Horse Cookies

These hand-baked, all natural healthy horse cookies are lovingly made with human-grade ingredients for the special horse in your life. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these cookies goes to the NARHA to promote equine-assisted therapeutic activities for people with physical, mental or emotional disabilities.

Comet's Crunchers Horse Treats

Certified organic by the USDA, all human-grade, all-natural ingredients, no preservatives, sugars, or by-products, delicious oatmeal-molasses flavor, and all-natural.

Living Well Gourmet Parsley Horse Cookies

Unlock a tasty magical world for your horse with "Living Well Gourmet Pet Eatery" homemade Parsley horse cookies. Human grade organic and natural Ingredients.

Nicker Bait Gourmet Treats (as suggested by Copy Cat Chic!)

Made from highest quality natural & organic ingredients including Molasses, Oats, Flax & more.

All Carrot No Stick

Make Your Own

The Original Book of Horse Treats: Recipes You Can Make at Home for Your Horse!

A cookbook with recipes for sumptuous treats you can make at home for your horse, with recipes that include Carrot and Apple Pâté with Faux Caviar, Birthday Cones, Carrot Rumaki, cookies, and more.


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