The Eco-Friendly Equestrian

In addition to weekly Etsy posts, I would like to add a weekly post dedicated to sustainable horsemanship. I think that it never hurts to be eco-friendly, and if you practice eco-consciousness at the supermarket and in the kitchen, why not at the barn?

The Green Guide....

"From avoiding toxins in feed, fly sprays, cleaning products, and medicines to practicing good trail-riding etiquette, anyone who spends time with horses will find simple and rewarding ways to be kinder to the earth. "

Blackburn Green Barns

"For the past 25 years, Blackburn Architects has specialized in custom equestrian design services. From 4-stall to 40-stall barns, breeding pens to enclosed arenas, we’ve designed it all."

Pro Orthopedic

"Over the past 40 years PRO has developed strong relationships with raw material suppliers. Through one of these relationships an Eco-Friendly neoprene was developed. The consumer can receive a top quality designed product that is more environmentally responsible than traditional supports at a competitive price."

Eco Bale

"Ecobale clean shredded corrugated cardboard provides a healthier, cleaner living and sleeping environment for all animals. It offers several benefits to animals and their owners and importantly, to the environment"


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