The Modern Helmet

The other day I saw a girl at a competition wearing this KEP helmet. She told me a relative in Europe had purchased it for her. I haven't been able to locate a dealer in the United States, but seeing the cost of this helmet, I don't think I'll bother.

But I have to admit, even though it looks a bit....unique.....I'm not the one to stand in the way of progressive helmet styles.

Get the scoop here


Ok, so I finally have sometime to update the blog after a long hiatus after having a very busy Fall quarter at school. Luckily, with a new season, comes new products!!!

Yours truly,
The Modern EQ


The UCSC Equestrians

The team looks great in their shirts from Coup from Etsy.

Click Here to purchase your own "Jump Shirt"



You may or may not know that I am a co- captain of the Equestrian team at UC Santa Cruz. Well, since I am so in love with Etsy, and not so in love with our current t-shirts, I enlisted the help of Coup to re-vamp our team look.

This amazing shirt is the product of her.... amazingness!! And it makes a statement in more then one way. The shirt is also eco-friendly which was a big factor in my decision of using her design and product. I gotz a special one with captain on the sleeve ;)

I repeat:



Etsy Gift Guide

Etsy has added "Equestrian Prep" as one of their gift guides. It's 6 pages of wonderful equestrian inspired clothing and items, that are great suggestions or ideas for the equestrian enthusiast in your life. Or maybe yourself ;)


Hellllloooo Procraft

Procraft products are "Beautifully handcrafted and made of durable "eco-friendly" Rubberwood - a true hardwood."

Their line of eco-friendly products includes:

Pro-Craft Saddle Rack Cart

Pro-Craft Grooming Box

Pro-Craft Folding Step Stool

Pro-Craft Folding Saddle Rack

Pro-Craft Bridle Rack



Wonderful RECYCLED/UPCYCLED items, from a wonderful website.

Equestrian Tiered Chain Necklace

Wild Horses Sundress

Horse Wall Clock Made from Recycled Record Album

Green and White Forest Silhouette Frame Clutch

Equestrian Upcycled Stationery Set

Shirt-and-Tie Wallet


The Modern Bookshelf

In previous posts I have mentioned trainer Alix Lawson, who works with children and beginning riders in Moorpark, CA. Her trainer is Jane Armour, A "British Horse Society certified trainer, [who] came to the U.S. in 1997 on an Extraordinary Ability Visa as a 'trainer of trainers'" (venturacountystar.com). Recently, Lawson gave me a copy of Armour's book Horseoneship about the fundamentals of introducing and encouraging children in the horse world.

I would recommend this book to both parents and older riders as a guide to the psycological and practical elements that are apart of the everyday riding world.


Mysterious Green Feed

I've seen magazine advertisements for "Green Feed" the "environmentally friendly equine feed recently made available in the United States.
Every bit of Green Feed, from the packaging to its formulation, is designed to be more environmentally friendly. Green feed includes a variety of proven, natural technologies to ensure digestive health, boost immune function, and provide optimal mineral balances. Packaged in a bag made from recyclable materials and printed with soy-based ink, this new product was designed to leave a small carbon footprint and minimize energy waste of transportation" (thehorse.com)

The strange thing is, the website for the company that makes Green Feed is relatively vague about the product, and I can't find a single picture (outside the manufacturer's brief glimpse in a slide show on their home page) or place that sells Green Feed online. Can someone clarify the mystery?


The Holistic Equestrian

Equilite's "herbal horse liniments, holistic herbal supplement blends and botanical flower essences are non-irritating and safe for horses, horse owners and the environment. They contain no sugars, no fillers and no chemicals and are proudly made with human grade ingredients in the USA. Equilite is an environmentally conscious company."

Products include:

Sore No More ® Horse Liniment

Fly Away Garlic



Etsy Handpicked

Today, the front page of the Etsy website, where they feature their "Handpicked Items," happens to be "inspired by fall equestrian style."


The Recycling Equestrian

What do you do with a barn filled with unusable or no longer fitting tack? Here are some of your options.

1. Cash For Clunkers at Dover Saddlery only avialable for a limited time, September 1 - 15, 2009

2. Dover Saddlery and Horseware Ireland are offering customers the opportunity to upgrade their old Rambo® turnouts for new blankets, while also helping local equine charities.

3. Read this article "on how to find bargains and deals, how to care for your equine belongings to get your money’s worth out of them, and how to recycle, resell, and make things yourself."

4. Visit Bits and Bridles Equestrian Equipment Forum and read up on Non-profit organizations where you can donate your tack and receive possible tax write-offs.

5. Discover the magic of Craigslist. If you don't want it there's a chance someone out there will. Maybe they don't want your old stirrup leathers for a saddle but for an art project. It never hurts to post.

Heavenly Ponies

In high school I had the pleasure of working and riding with the talented Alix Lawson of Moorpark Ca. Click here to read a fabulous article on her and what I the feel is the ideal way to teach children about horses and riding.

Love you Alix ;)



Wonderful PILLOWS, from a wonderful website

Horse on a grey flannel pillow cover

Organic Pillow Cover - Wild Horses

Horse Silhouette Pillow

English Horse Rider Pillowcase Pair Standard

Organic Printed Pillow Cover - Horse


Polo Chic

Polo wraps are turning heads with fresh designs and colors!

L├ęttia Peace Sign Polo Bandages

Equine Couture Fleur De Lis Pro-Lastic Fashion Polo Bandages

Equine Textiles Keeneland Polo Wraps

Perri's Plaid Polo Wraps

Equine Couture Breeds Fleece Legwraps


Horse T's

Some fashion forward t-shirts featuring our favorite animal.

Kerrits® 'Canter On' Tee Shirt

DOE Wild Horses Tank

Heartbreaker Buckyhorse Drapey Tee

The Black Horse Burnout Tee

Arabian shirt

Hunter Jumper Horse & Rider T-shirt


The Young Equestrian

For those of you who follow this blog who do not ride horses, and are thinking about getting your child into horses, here are my tips for how to shop for your young equestrian.

1. Helmet

"The hunt caps of old don't meet certification standards, and bicycle helmets rated differently, are not adequate substitutes for approved equestrian headgear" ~EquiShopper

I also believe personally that shared helmets 1. aren't one size fits all, and 2. are a good way to bring home lice. When trying on a helmet your child should be able to shake their head without the helmet falling over their eyes. The helmet should cover the temples and sit just above the nape of the neck. I always ask "Is it comfortable enough to wear for an hour?"

I recommend a Troxel Legacy $49.95

2. Boots

"No sneakers because they have no heel to keep your foot from slipping through the stirrup; and the soft toe doesn't protect your toes from being stepped on. No loafers because they can fall off your foot. No work boots because the lug soles can get caught in the stirrup and keep your foot from slipping out." ~ Horse Mail.

Sometimes children can be thrown off by how a riding boot covers the ankle, and how stiff the leather is. Have them walk around to get used to their new style of footwear. For english riding your child should start with a paddock boot. No tall boot needed till your child becomes more serious, and no western boots as, I feel, they don't support the ankle.

I recommend either:

Saxon Equileather Lace-Up Childs Paddock Boots (Synthetic leather) $31.95


Ariat® Heritage II Zip Paddock Boots $79.95

3. Pants

"Make sure the pants you wear have smooth inside seams. Most jeans have the heavy seam against the saddle and the smoother seam on the outside." ~ Horse Mail

Riding pants also have a knee patch, which helps with grip, and are comfortable for kids to wear all day. Tan or beige is the best option.

I recommend:

Devon Aire Concour Children's Pull-On Breeches

OPTIONAL Equipment

Ariat® Kids All-Around III Chaps $79.95

Heritage Cotton Grip Riding Gloves for Kids $4.95

**Important Note: Most trainers won't start children until they are 6. Some will make an exception if your child demonstrates a certain level of alertness that is required for trainers to be able to effectively communicate their lessons, and the importance of your child's safety around the horses.


Flashy Pads

Some more saddle pads that will demand attention.

Equine Couture London saddle pad

Equine Couture Oxford saddle and sticks motif

Stripe Graphic All purpose Saddle Pad

High Line Outfitters Flower Pad

Equine Textiles Plaid All Purpose Saddle Pad